What happens to the fibroids after a Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)?



Your body may go through several changes after your uterine fibroid embolization procedure as you adjust to decreased symptoms related to fibroids. Dr. Suzanne Slonim explains what happens to the fibroids following your ufe procedure.

“The fibroids are going to shrink about 60%. The fibroids shrink 60%, the uterus shrinks 60%, so overall there’s a significant decrease in volume. Now the fibroids don’t disappear, they get smaller, but as they get smaller they are not going to bother you anymore. It is rare for a fibroid to get expelled but it is possible, so I usually let women know about that in case they find a fibroid they don’t get alarmed by it.”

See Dr. Linda Hughes’ answer to this question.


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