Carmen McKever

Carmen McKever was diagnosed with uterine fibroids the size of pinheads. Little did she know these small tumors would impact her life in a big way.


For Kellie, it was an ordinary day. Just like any other, she stepped into the shower. It was then something went terribly wrong.


When I found out about the UFE procedure, it sounded like the perfect alternative for me. — Helena


It’s amazing how many people go through this. I never would’ve known until I started talking about it. — Luisa


The difference in my life now, after the UFE procedure, is like day and night. — Sharon


After being diagnosed with uterine fibroids, I did not want a hysterectomy. Thankfully, my OB-GYN recommended UFE. — Donna


The result for me is I don’t feel tired anymore. I have far more energy…[and] a flatter looking tummy. — Shelaagh


I remember seeing an improvement just one month after my UFE procedure and thinking, ‘This can’t be happening so quickly!’ – Shelly