Learn More about Treating Fibroids from the Wrist

Dr. Aaron M. Fischman

Some interventional radiologists, including Dr. Aaron M. Fischman at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, are treating a woman’s fibroids from her wrist instead of the groin. Researchers have found this access point, referred to as transradial approach, to be less painful and less traumatic for women, allowing them to immediately sit up and move after uterine fibroid embolization (UFE)—with no overnight stay.

“Improving patient care and providing advanced treatment options are always on the minds of interventional radiologists. And this could be a game changer for image-guided minimally invasive treatments,” said Dr. Fischman.

For women wanting to learn more about this innovative treatment option, Dr. Fischman and The Fibroids Project are hosting a free teleconference on Tuesday, Dec. 8. Register now to be a part of this unique opportunity to learn more about UFE through the wrist and ask Dr. Fischman your questions.